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What We're Good at.


Data Engineering

Build and maintain systems for collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing your data efficiently and at scale.

Our focus is always on Mission Success, and we are very pragmatic when choosing the best tools for the job.

Data Analytics

With analytics, we help our partners gain valuable insights into their operations and performance. Analytics allows teams to get transparency on ground realities, and lets organizations make data-driven decisions.

Data Science & Machine Learning

Build and deploy production grade machine learning systems and pipelines at scale to support features like:

Personalized User Feeds
Recommendation Systems.
Fraud Detection and Prevention
Customer Churn Prediction

and many many more...

Data Security

Design systems and processes for securing mission critical data like:

Automated Auditing and Monitoring data access
Backup and Disaster Recovery.
Fine-grained Data Access Control systems
Identify and Classify Data by sensitivity, value and impact